December 26, 2017


Tierra Nueva Ward


Elder Ortega

Christmas Visit - dads update

Update from Elder Reynolds -
We visited with Elder Reynolds on Christmas Eve, the mission president didn't want them bugging families on Christmas day to get internet time - so he was able to have a video chat with us on the 24th.
He is doing well in his new area, they have a few people to teach and the work is split in the area with another missionary companionship. The area is large and they have 20 minute bus rides to the outskirts of Juarez. Many parts they aren't allowed to go to after dark.
His Spanish is getting better, his 3 companions are from Mexico - from the south and Mexico City. (they speak English very well - but Josh said it is easier to speak in Spanish) He said they like to pull practical jokes on him, his new companion told him one of the missionaries was Elder Bicho (bug/insect), so Elder Reynolds started calling him that ... they had a good laugh when he saw his name tag.
Several times he would ask "Cómo se dice . . . ? " (How do you say) and some word - I could remember enough to help him out . . . he said it is hard to remember the English words for things.
He loves Juarez and the people, but said it isn't the prettiest place in the world.
He was in good spirits and thanks everyone for their love, support and prayers.


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