December 11, 2017


Tierra Nueva Ward


Elder Ortega

New Ground


Well I just finished my first week in Tierra Nueva (New Earth). It wasn’t too bad!

My new companions name is Elder Ortega he is from Puebla, Mexico, southwest of Mexico City. We had a short week together because well there were changes on Tuesday and then on Friday Elder Oaks came and spoke to us as a mission! Very, very awesome!

He told us not to go into too much detail about what we talked about because he doesn’t want parents writing letters that he doesn’t have time to answer! jaja He told us just to say that it was a good meeting and that the Gospel was preached! jaja He was a very funny guy! But really we talked about being a full-time missionary... all the time! It was a great talk and then he took questions. It was a pretty quick meeting but one of my favorite in the mission!

In news of this area... it SNOWED!!! Like what is this I’m in Mexico! But hey reminded me of home! We are working hard here, Elder Ortega and I, and we are planning some baptisms in the next few weeks! I’ll keep you all updated on that. I’m not super used to the area or the people so don’t have much news on them here.

Many of the people in this area are from either EL F. (Ciudad De Mexico) or Veracruz! Not 100% why but hey it’s cool to hear the different accents in Spanish.

It getting harder to contact and find people to teach because no one wants to go out of their houses and we can’t knock because this area is a no knocking zone! For safety reasons. We aren’t letting it discourage us, we know if we are going to receive opportunities to teach we need to do all we can so that we don’t miss those little opportunities! Well I don’t really have much more still just getting used to being in a new area and with a new companion! I’m excited to see this are progress!

cuidese todo!

-E. Reynolds


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