December 4, 2017


Aeropuerto Ward


Elder Gonzalez

Changes -


Well after 4 and a half months in Aeropuerto I’m finally getting changed... I’m actually sad to leave this ward and all the people of this area but I’m now needed elsewhere so off I go. I will be changed to an area called Tierra Nueva (new land). I will be with Elder Ortega. I don’t know anything about him so you will hear more about him next week!

I attached a photo of a phrase that I liked a lot from elder Robert D. Hales! It’s in Spanish sorry but hopefully my amazing father will be able to find the translation for all yall! A link to the article in English is at the bottom of the letter: “Stand Strong in Holy Places” and the specific quote (A veces nos convertimos en un pararrayos y tenemos que “sufrir una descarga” por aferramos a las normas de Dios y hacer Su obra. Testifico que no tenemos que temer si estamos fundados en Su doctrina. Tal vez suframos incomprensión, críticas y hasta acusaciones falsas, pero nunca estamos solos. Nuestro Salvador fue “despreciado y rechazado de los hombres”9. ¡Es nuestro privilegio sagrado permanecer con Él!) in English (Sometimes we become the lightning rod, and we must “take the heat” for holding fast to God’s standards and doing His work. I testify that we need not be afraid if we are grounded in His doctrine. We may experience misunderstanding, criticism, and even false accusation, but we are never alone. Our Savior was “despised and rejected of men.” [Isaiah 53:3] It is our sacred privilege to stand with Him!)

I’m having a great time with the #IluminaElMundo Initiative (#LightTheWorld) this year! I love this time of year! It’s a time to remember our Savior and everything he did and continues to do for us!

This is a special Christmas for me because well it’s my first in the mission field! I’m excited to see the miracles that come with this holiday and to share this message that we have! This is a time to share the light that we have with those who are looking for it! This year will be a great one for everyone when we think outwardly instead of inward.

Sorry for the short email I’m not going to be on here long because I got to pack and moving day is tomorrow! Anyway love yall and cuidese todo!

-E. Reynolds


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