November 27, 2017


Aeropuerto Ward


Elder Gonzalez

Thanksgivin in Mexico

Okay, let’s just jump right in and say the only thing the Mexican people like about thanksgiving here is black Friday in El Paso! Other than that thanksgiving isn’t really anything over here. I mean it is an American holiday but I just assumed since we live so close to the states we'd have something but I was wrong. Oh and if you’re wondering what I ate this week for thanksgiving! Tortillas and rice! But I was with a wonderful family which is better than any thanksgiving turkey!

Anyway I had a really good conversation with my bishop here in Aeropuerto. (He served in Arizona so he speaks really good English and he likes to talk to me in English). Anyway we were able to have a really great talk about repentance and we talked about the story of Adam and Eve. Since we teach about the story of Adam and Eve in every lesson about the Plan of Salvation.

So I was well rehearsed with the story but my bishop did tell me something that made me think.

He asked me "why do you think God asked Adam where he was when Adam hid himself?"

The answer is simple . . . the question wasn’t because He didn’t know where Adam was.. God knows all He knew Adam had partaken of the fruit and He knew physically where he was at . . . He asked because He wanted Adam to realize where he was . . . and where he was going.

Adam had to think about the state he was in, spiritually. Sometimes we get put in a situation where we can ask ourselves – “Where are we?” as we do that we can figure out where we are going and what we need to do to change it If we aren’t going down the right path. I know that this is the truth because I’ve had to re-direct myself many times . . . it’s a continual process but as we trust in the Lord He will help us get to Him.

Anyway that’s my two cents for the week!

We are still working with Julian he’s excited for his baptism on the 5th!

Big shout out to my cousin Emma who got married this last week! Sorry I couldn’t make it I’m trying to get other people to that point! jaja

Anyway, Cuidese todos!

-E. Reynolds


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