November 20, 2017


Aeropuerto Ward


Elder Gonzalez

3 pm Lunch . . .

Okay! I got to a story for all back home.

First, I would like to explain that here in Mexico the big meal of the day is lunch so we are always invited over to eat lunch. It’s ALWAYS at 2 pm.

Anyway, we were going to lunch con la familia Ortiz (with the family Ortiz) but when we got there she asked if we could come back in an hour. She didn’t have a reason why she just wanted to eat with us at 3 pm.

It was weird because for the last 9 months I've been eating at 2 pm. We thought that we'd go visit a family we had contacted earlier. When we got there nada.

We were super hungry so we decided to just walk back and contact in an area close by the food. While walking, we decided to take a street we usually tried to stay clear of because of the dogs and the people there weren’t very fond of missionaries. We felt impressed to go that way. While walking we saw a door that was open. That’s really weird because it is 'Cold' here in Juarez and everyone is usually shut in their houses. We then had a strong desire to call into the house. (which is against mission rules here, shhhh don’t tell prez.) But then we met Julian.

This man has been spiritually thirsting for years. He was so excited and accepting of this message. We taught him Friday, Saturday and Sunday He went to church! Where they talked about eternal families! He was so stoked that he will be with his daughter forever.

We’ve only known him a few days but he has a baptismal date for the 9th of December! But here the real kicker! He speaks better English than Spanish so our lessons are a huge flurry of Spanglish!

It’s important to listen and act, the Spirit talks to us all in many different ways we just need to be humble and ready to act on the prompting. Anyway that’s all I got for today sorry I’m not much of a writer but big thanks to all those back home sending support!

cuidese todos.

-E. Reynolds


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