November 6, 2017


Aeropuerto Ward


Elder Gonzalez

Si = yes; No = yes

Okay, so life as a missionary is pretty great sometimes and other times it’s a little hard... for example when you are in a house for lunch you eat quite a bit. Well that’s nothing bad but when the next 5 appointments want to feed you too, that’s when life as a missionary gets rough. You want to say no but here its rude to say no to food, and even if you try to explain to them that you are full and literally can’t eat anymore they still take it as a yes . . . I guess I’ll just have to pray a little harder for a bigger stomach.

This week was a good one! We got down to business! And good news we have a baptism this Saturday! We are super excited because it will be the first (hopefully of many) with my new companero Elder Gonzalez! He's super excited to work here and it’s really helping me out here since I been in Aeropureto Ward for almost have 4 and a half months, and it’s hard to stay diligent in the same area for a super long time. I really am very thankful for him.

He’s teaching me a lot like how many different ways you can eat an avocado! Last night we ate avocado with sugar. He said it’s a dessert in his house . . . actually not bad 10/10 would recommend!

Not much else in a way of news this week. I’m thankful for all those who are at home supporting me on this adventure! It’s much appreciated!

cuidese todo!

-E. Reynolds


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