October 23, 2017


Aeropuerto Ward


Elder Fabara

La Chamba

La chamba - is just Juarez for "the work"

It’s been a busy week as is every week here in the mission! This week was a little more stressful than others since we had 4 baptisms planned for this week and we had to schedule interviews, a wedding, and oh yeah we had exchanges that we were stressing about! But all is well everything turned out just fine.

I’ll start with the interviews and the wedding! We had a family that wanted to get baptized the only problem is Edgar and Diana were not married... and were living together. They decided to get married Friday morning and then have their interviews Friday night and then baptism Saturday morning ... simple right? BUUUUUT do you know how hard it is to get married here in Mexico? Answer: MUY DIFICIL the wedding got cancelled because the person that was supposed to do it was too booked to get them in. So they changed their appointment to Tuesday, the next available opening. So there was a problem their not married living together. So we presented the only other option a temporary separation until the wedding. Luckily God is good and they already had plans to live separate for the next few days. Yeah, what a great pair of investigators! anyway we had to clear that as ‘Okay’ with the man in charge Presidente Owens and after about an hour of trying to get ahold of him we did and got the interviews done and over with and well happy ending we had 4 baptisms!

An experience that I’d like to share today happened when I was on companion exchanges this last week. I was with Elder Acevedo again and we had a distinct feeling to visit a family of old investigators. When we got there turns out they had a son who was having pains in his stomach that was making it impossible to go to work. He was worried that he was going to lose his job and he wouldn’t be able to support his family. They had gone to the Clinic but the thing is here in Mexico if you don't have money or insurance the doctors will only prescribe pain pills give a quick 5 second diagnosis and send you on your way. So the family was worried they were not getting the help they needed. Luckily Elder Acevedo is somewhat of a doctor, well he was studying medicine when he was baptized! Que milagroso no? well he was able to help them way more than any doctor had before he told them what they needed to do and what he needed to take but the most important part was we left a blessing with him. My companion and I went back the next day turns out after the blessing he was able to sleep the whole night, the first night in 3 weeks, and the pain had let up enough for him to move around the house.

As priesthood holders we have something important. We have the authority of God. And as representatives of Him we must use it often and righteously. I know of the power in blessings. I encourage all Priesthood holders to go and act in his name.

Big thanks to all those at home supporting me! cuidese mucho

-E. Reynolds


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