October 9, 2017


Aeropuerto Ward


Elder Fabara

Mexico needs a Nevada

Well this was a good week other than our baptisms not going through. We were with the couple that was to be baptized and before we got to our appointment we felt like we needed to talk about chastity for the 3rd time. In the middle of the lesson when we were talking about only having sexual relations with your spouse, and that it included living together, their sister blurted out "well then they have a problem with that." My companion and I looked confused at each other and then asked what she meant. She proceeded to tell us that they had been living together for a year but never gotten married. They have rings, they refer to each other as esposos. Which is husband and wife in Spanish, and they had received the lesson on the law of chastity two times before! But they never told us they were not married! This makes the 6th couple in my mission that has not been able to be baptized because they were not yet married.

Seriously, can we got someone down here to start marrying these people? We spoke to them about their options, if they wanted to get baptized. We asked them to pray together to figure out the best option. We will be visiting them today to see what the new plan is.

In better news we have another baptism scheduled for this Saturday the 14th I hope . . . her name is Angelica Vega and yes she is married legally! We are excited for her service and we are working with our bishop and our mission leader to get all the details worked out. She is prepared and excited, so prayers for her.

Mexico’s been great. I mean other than the fact that it won’t cool off at all. I’m used to it being nice cool weather in Idaho but I’m here sweating like crazy. The funny thing is I see people bundled up in sweaters and jackets and they always ask me how I can always wear my short sleeve dress shirt in this cold weather. Apparently this is cold for them and it feels like summer back home. They tell me that at the end of October that it gets really cold but I’m starting to wonder if they even know what cold is.

Big thank you to all those back home supporting me! It’s much appreciated.


-E. Reynolds

1. This is Yuni. He’s amazing his mother is one of our investigators and she is getting ready to be baptized but is in Torion for an operation first. Prayers for her. (Violetta)
2. Because Yuni got a picture with me his cousin Dyllan wanted one too! This is only two of the member of the family Vaquera there are about 13 others behind the camera. All learning about the gospel and preparing for their baptisms (jaja) wish us luck.
3. Celebrating my comps 20th birthday!
4. My zone! Las Torres. (the towers)
5. My district. as you can see I’m the only North American so when our district got assigned for the prayers and spiritual thought for zone conference guess who got to spend the whole night before translating for them (the prayer and thought are done in English, the remainder is in Spanish)
6. The cathedral here in Juarez. It’s beautiful and big but I still think our temples are more beautiful.


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