March 2, 2017


Centro de Capacitacion Misional Mexico


Elder Pantoja

Chance the rapper

March 2:

this has flown by so fast. and its not easy. im loving the people and the culture. i made some pretty good latino friends. nothing super eventful really happened this week. just a lot of studying and classes. and there's this rooster outside the wall that is always screeching at 6 in the morning every morning. but other than that i havent been having any trouble. ive heard some pretty sketchy things at night cuz im so close to the wall. i see and hear a lot. i wont go into too much detail for moms sake. we are really getting close here as a district. 6 of the 9 members in my district are going to ciudad juarez! 2 hermanas and 4 elders. my spanish isnt the best but its getting there. elder pantoja has been helping me a lot hes one of the latinos rooming in our apartment. hes like my best friend even tho we barely understand each other. i call him tanke paquito. {little tank} cus hes a 5 foot latino who looks like he could lift a truck. my goal here is to learn enough spanish to be able to bare my testimony to my investigators in fluent spanish. there have been times here and ive spent a lot of nights praying. and i know i can do it. the lord put me here for a reason. he has given me the power and strength to help bring his children back to him. my faith is being tested but my faith is also growing. ill end with a little quote that mi presidente used in sacrament. "The type of worship make Him come back a day early" - Chance the rapper. i loved this quote because who doesnt want padre celestial to come a little early? we all need to work to prepare for Him.

love everyone you meet.
oh and all of my district says hellooooo!
love you all
-Elder Reynolds


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