March 13, 2017


Centro de Capacitacion Misional Mexico


Elder Pantoja


Here is a somewhat edited version - he uses limited capital letters, punctuation, grammar or spelling. I'm not sure if this is a reflection on his parents or an indictment on his education . . . I think he might just be in a rush.

crazy week! so much is going on. you can send krispy kreme! you can send them from the one in mexico city. anyways i havent been sick at all which im grateful for except i had a headache and they almost had my companero give me a shot in the butt for it but they switched to pills last minute.

this is for mom since she thinks she can handle it. we hear tons of gunshots and things at night and my apartment is super close to the wall so we can see over it one night we woke up to screaming and i went to the window and just saw some sketchy things. usually tho its pretty calm. for the most part.
i love my district. they are like amazing.

i sent a letter it takes about 10 days to be delivered itll go out this next friday. tell brandon i love him and miss him and if he emails me he can hear about the cool stories i got. so im not going to send it today but i have a talk on sunday. in solo espanol. it will have my testimony and ill send that next thursday! im on an english key board and i dont have my notes with me so ill just wait till next p/day to send it buuuuuut read Alma 17: 13-14 its about my mission.

i love you guys! when i get out of the CCM youll get longer emails but i get like no time now
talk to you soon
-elder reynolds


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