April 3, 2017


Chapultepec 2nd Ward


Elder Cristalinas

Just Arrived

Greetings everyone - From Elder Reynolds

well. im not dead.

monday- we got into juarez at about 10 am. right away i could tell it was mexico. we got all our bags and things shuffled over to the stake center near by where we continued to have like 3 hours of orientation... fun.. then we went to the mission home which was beautiful. we had like Hawaiian hay stacks. but like with Mexican food. real weird real good. that night we stayed in a hotel while our new comps traveled to get us the next day.

tuesday- we got up at a hotel meal which sucked. we went to the stake center and met our new comps. we said good bye to my district. then said hello to our new compañeros. my new comp is Elder Cristalinas. he is from chilangolandia AKA mexico city. he speaks pretty good english which really helps. we got to the apartment and i dropped my bags off and we left to go meet. in-actives, less-actives, members, and investigators. the first person we went to see is Alfonso, a less-active, he lives in a one bedroom house. with three kids and a girlfriend. hence the less active part. he was amazing my comp made me read a scripture and tell them what it meant to me. I'm pretty sure my explanation didnt make sense but it was great anyway. we visited so members and one of the hermanas pointed out that i was a very guapo american and that a lot of people will wanna hear my message just cuz of that. we got to the casa at about 9.

wednesday- we got up and because of my training we didn't have to leave the casa till 12. then we had a district meeting. with me my comp and the zone leaders. yeah it was pretty cool my comps goal is to get me a baptism in my first cycle. good goal. then we spent the rest of the day visiting other familias. i taught my first investigator. i taught her about faith and what it took to come out here on my mission. it seems okay but we feel like she is only taking the lessons because her daughter is serving a mission. that night my comp and a less active return miss. played a little joke on me. they made me think he was an investigator and so he drilled me with some super tough Qs.. yeha it was great. but afterwards we all laughed about how terrified i looked. he made us hamburguesas

Thursday- this is the most humbling day I've had in my mission.. I'll tell you why. after all day of walking and visiting members i was feeling a bit tired and kinda beat up. i can honestly say i was a bit grumpy. i murmured a bit. but that night when i got to the members home for cena and they made me a sandwich. she fried the bread. put something green on it. i assume avocado i hope. then put a little bit of lettuce and some sort of meat that was just sitting on the table. the hermano went to the store spent the last bit of his money on a sprite for me and my comp to share. this is what they had. they gave it all. i don't think they ate that night. while we ate. he bore testimony of the spirit and the gospel. i understood nothing but i could feel the power in what he said. that's when i knew. i will learn more by being here then they will. these people are amazing and i love everyone of them.

friday- we didn't do much just visited a member named onix. very humble very sad man. I'm discovering a new level of love for these people that i have never experienced before. its an amazing experience here. also everyone stares at me cuz they cant figure out why a gringo would wanna live here.

saturday-sunday- we watched conference met the bishop, played soccer with kids, i lost, it was a great first weekend.

i am serving in the Chapultepec 2nd ward.


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