April 10, 2017


Chapultepec 2nd Ward


Elder Cristalinas

no hablo bueno

From Elder Reynolds:

Well this week went by really fast. It was difficult. I still can't speak the language. I don't understand anything. I can barely teach part of a leccion. For the first part of the week I was just thinking to myself, 'why, why cant I do this'. I was reading an article in a Liahona about being a giver or a getter and a quote popped in my head, its from the Incredibles - 'this is not about you'. Right then I knew I needed to start thinking less about me and more about how I can be a blessing to these people. That way of thinking has helped a lot.
We met a man named Jose. I'll tell you how we met him. We were walking to an investigators house. Then a man in a wheelchair from across the street started yelling at us to come over. He was drinking so we were a little hesitant but we ran over. We sat and talked awhile. Then he asked if he could hear our message we told him we couldn't while he was drinking but we will come back tomorrow as long as he is sober. He agreed. We come to his house the next day and the first thing we asked was why he wanted to hear from us. I wasn't expecting his answer. He said 'I know I am a son of God. I know he loves me. I want to know how I can be closer with him. I've been waiting a long time and I'm ready to learn. Yesterday some people from another church were talking to me moments before I saw you and I felt nothing, but then you two came walking by and I felt I needed to learn from you.' We thought that that was a good enough answer for us. He agreed to read, pray and even attend church as long as we get him a ride! It was my first experience with someone who was beyond ready to hear from us. We teach him next Saturday.
The last thing that happened this week was Sunday. It was fast and testimony meeting. The bishop made me get up and talk. Yeah that was great! My Spanish sucked and I messed up a ton but I did it. It felt good, people are amazed I'm only 18 and they think I'm crazy for being in Juarez and being an American.
Another weird thing about this ward is that they begin with priesthood and end with sacrament. Super weird but kinda chill at the same time. I'm loving these people. they are amazing and they love the missionaries. like everyone here loves to talk to us. A mechanico always yells at us when we walk by "Buenos, chollos de Dios"

Ugh i cant describe the feeling of being a missionary here. it is a great experience and Im learning a lot. I'm learning to rely on the Lord.
le amo Siempre
-Elder Reynolds


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