June 5, 2017


Chapultepec 2nd Ward


Elder Cristalinas

Catching . . .

Pues, this week was actually really crazy. It started off pretty slow not much happening, but on Viernes i went on divisions with Elder White in the Azteca uno area. My companion had a leadership training reunión. Anyway, Elder White is from NM and he has only a month more than me in the mission ... so yeah that was exciting two gringos with limited Spanish walking around Mexico.

It was a great day we had 5 lecciones and even though it was difficult for them to understand us it didn't matter. the Spirit was with us. We felt it and the investigators felt it. I didn't need to speak fluently for these people because they were learning so much just from having the Comforter there.

The next day I was back with my companion. We were having yet another rough day but we kept our heads up. We met a very drunk guy who insisted we give him a pamphlet of the restoration. and tell him when we met for church. We get people like this all the time so we didn't think much about it. Then while we were walking home that night we found a man named Waldo he speaks perfect English YEAH. He was interested about missionaries and we set up a follow up appointment. By this time we were already late getting home and we were trying to hurry home but got stopped two more times by two other people who wanted to know more. It was amazing and very satisfying to have people so interested. I'm so thankful for these little Celestial Moments they really keep me going out here. Oh and the next day everyone bailed on us to attend church but when we walked into the chapel we were amazed to see the drunk man (no longer drunk) sitting waiting for us. His name is Antonio and we have lecciones with him this week, wish us luck

Anyway in conclusion. I know that the Lord allows these trials in all of our lives. He wanted to see how we will use our faith. I'm thankful for this mission and for everyone at home supporting me. It means a lot.

te amo siempre
-Elder Reynolds

We caught a lizard
Some members tried to give us a puppy because it kept falling asleep on me
and that's Samantha Dafeny (chamu) an inactive members daughter she's a fireball

pues: well
viernes: friday
reunion: meeting
lecciones: lessons
Azteca: the ward just to the north of the ward Elder Reynolds serves in.
chamu: shampoo


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