September 26, 2017


Aeropuerto Ward


Elder Fabara

Sept 18, 2017 - E. Reynolds - Welp


In all honesty this was just one of those difficult weeks that people talk about. We had good lessons and a good time but just not much to share. Not much that I think anyone back home will want to hear.

Since I don’t have much to say about my week I decided to just write a simple testimony to those of you back at home. I tend to have a lot of thoughts each week. Sometimes I forget and sometimes I remember to write them down but one thought well, actually a quote that kept popping into my head is one from President Thomas S. Monson. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before and I’m sorry if I have and you've already heard my thoughts on this but I’m going to share it again. “It is doing, not just dreaming, that lives are blessed, others are guided and souls are saved."
I thought about this a lot and I thought about my decision to serve a mission. Before it was just a thought. Just a dream. There was no action so there was no result, but when I started to take action things started to change. Things in my life and things in the life of my family and friends.
I’ve now got 7 months in the mission (almost 8 wahoo!) and I’ve had the opportunity to "do" a lot. I can testify to you the truthfulness of this quote, through "doing" I’ve seen people’s lives change. I’ve seen miracles and I’ve seen a change in my heart. This gospel is not a gospel of dreaming it is one of doing. I encourage all who actually read my emails to go and Do. Do as the Lord Does.

Shout out to Emma Reynolds for writing me a letter! I do get them and I love hearing from home!

Thanks to everyone back home supporting me and sending encouragement.

Love you all cuidese

-E. Reynolds


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