September 18, 2017


Aeropuerto Ward


Elder Fabara

Sept 17, 2017 - Fiesta de independencia


Well we had a really busy week. Nothing to big happened but we had a lot of leccions and a lot new baptismal dates. Right now we have 19 baptismal dates, we are trying to help these investigators to progress and to be prepared for their first covenant with the Lord! We were able to get 12 to attend sacrament with us it was a very good meeting and I was able to teach our Gospel Principles class. I had a good time and it seemed to go well with the families.

Anyway, my companion and I are working hard and trying to stay cooled down in the sun. The weather here cooled down for about a week then it was went back up to the high 90's. We are surviving though just trying to get more baptisms to we can get into the font.

This week I was able to hear a talk with my companion that I really needed to hear. The talk is called "Feed my Sheep" (or Feed My Sheep – youTube) by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. I had been feeling down . . . 7 months into the mission and I finally started to feel homesick. With this and a lot of other feelings about my Spanish and my ability to teach and testify. I just started to question . . . Why? Why was it this hard and why did I have to learn another language? Why don’t people want to know more? Why? I expressed these feelings to my companion. He responded with this talk . . . I can’t explain this talk better than Elder Holland so I advise that you read it but there is one part that I do want to share. The talk actually talks about those exact same questions that I had and Elder Holland gave a simple yet powerful response . . . Elder Holland simply stated that someone a lot greater, and a lot better asked those same questions. He asked if there wasn’t another way, but there wasn’t any other way for Him. So, He did His Fathers will. Elder Holland continued to say that maybe in token. We must walk some of the path He walked, to testify of Him we must first feel something of what He felt. Not all of what He felt, we could never do that but just a moment. I’m happy to be put here. I’m happy I have this opportunity to struggle, to learn, and to grow. Every trial helps me come closer with my Father and my Savior. Whenever I feel like I couldn’t go forward I think of Him.. Always remember him.

A big thank you to everyone at home thanks for the love and support!


-E. Reynolds

Elder Hollands talk:


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