March 2, 2020


Sabotsy Namehana, northern part of Antananarivo


Elder Webb

Serving on the Beach

Akory aby!!!!!
Hope everyone has been having an amazing week!

So I got transferred away from Sabotsy Namehana. I loved Sabotsy Namehana and all the amazing people there! It was so sad to leave, but the place I am in now is absolutely crazy! It is called Tamatave or Toamasina. It is on the eastern coast of Madagascar so I had a very fun and long drive over here! The roads are terrible getting to Toamasina and our bus driver was in a hurry so he was weaving trying to miss big holes in the road haha and next thing you know it an Elder hurls out the window haha! All the other Elder and I were dying laughing

The drive was beautiful though. We got to drive through some Jungles and see rivers and lakes with huge mountains in the back. It was beautiful! Sadly, my camera was broken so I wasn’t able to take any pictures along the way, but thankfully it is working again!

My first full day in Tamatave was actually on a Sunday and I got to share my testimony with everyone there which was so amazing and terrifying haha especially because here in Tamatave the people speak a different dialect called Betsimisaraka. The words aren’t all that different than Merina which is the main dialect here in Madagascar, but the way they speak sounds absolutely crazy! So it is going to be a big adjustment!

A little more about Tamatave. So I am actually staying in a beach province meaning I can go to the beach every preparation day and I can even teach on the beach if it comes down to it. I am so excited, but don’t worry I won't actually go in the water! In my area there are quite a bit of wooden huts that people live in and man it is crazy! It is what most people expect Madagascar to be like!

Stay Classy San Diego
And Stay Classy Yuma

Elder Kramefresh


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