February 24, 2020


Sabotsy Namehana, northern part of Antananarivo


Elder Webb

Transfer to Tamatave

English is still bad so plz pardon the bad grammar and my sins!

Salama everyone!
Hope all of you had an amazing week!

This past week was an amazing week! I had the chance to go on an exchange with another Elder named Elder Mathipa. He is from South Africa and man it shows. Yes he is black, but that is not why it shows haha it is because of his accent and the way he acts. He has the thickest South African accent you can imagine with the funniest personality. He literally tried speaking to me in Sepedi and then looked at me like I was dumb when I didn’t respond haha. We had the time of our lives teaching and tracting together

A funny experience that happened to Elder Bess was when we went to visit a member. We are invited into this members house and we see two guys that are about in the mid 20s. We sit down next to them and one of them starts talking with us. Then in perfect English this guy says yeah you guys are missionaries right. We were in awe, we just couldn’t believe how perfect his english was. Then he started asking about the church and told us he had been learning from missionaries before, but he had some questions didn’t make any sense to him. This guy wanted to speak in English, so Elder Bess and I had the chance to teach in English and man it was bomb. He had questions about Joseph Smith and the Great Apostasy so we taught him all about it. It was super super spiritual and amazing. Then get this, after teaching him for 30 minutes he told us that he was already a member and returned from his mission a few years ago haha. He got us pretty good haha but he said we were way cool and wanted us to come to his birthday next week haha.

So I am being transferred!
I am going to Tamatave or Toamasina!
Way pumped
Gona have to learn some Betsimasaraka!

Stay Classy San Diego

Also Stay Classy Antananarivo
Also Stay Classy Yuma

Elder Baby J Sprinkle


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