February 17, 2020


Sabotsy Namehana, northern part of Antananarivo


Elder Bess

Lots of Surprises

Salama everyone!
This past week we had interviews with President Duckworth and Zone Conference, it was amazing!
President actually came over to all the Missionaries houses for interviews this time around which was different, but way cool. He was shocked when he saw that we had 5 beds in a one room apartment haha. The house is super tight and small, but it isn’t as bad as it seems. He was also shocked when he found out the bathroom was pretty much in our kitchen haha. Yeah, the bathroom is totally connected to the kitchen.
So one funny thing that happened this past week was when it was pouring rain. My comp and I were super far away from our house when it started dumping rain. The path was literally covered in water so we couldn’t even see it. We got to this part when the water was getting super high and we didn’t want to get our bags and everything wet before our next appointment. Then this Malagasy comes over and literally offers to give us piggy backs over the water covered path haha. At first I hesitated because I am pretty heavy, but he was super confident and excited to help. So, trying to make him happy, I hopped on his back. He takes one step and he starts stumbling until we both fall face first into the pool of water haha. The Malagasy felt so bad, but I was laughing so hard I didn’t even care haha. Good guy.

One spiritual moment that happened this past week was when we taught someone a member brought to us. Her name is Fabien. While the lesson of the Restoration was spiritual and amazing by itself, there was something else that touched my heart greatly. The lesson was held at a members house, but know that the dad of the home is not active. During the lesson he bore such a powerful and jaw dropping testimony. While he might not currently be active in the church, you can see how much the church has impacted his life. We are going to try our best to get him back to church!

Malagasy Words of the Week

Stay Classy
Elder Mofomenakely Kramer


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