February 3, 2020


Sabotsy Namehana, northern part of Antananarivo


Elder Bess

Ups and Downs

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Salama Everyone!
This week started out with my guy, Querot. Last week I mentioned how Querot is struggling with getting baptised again. He was already baptised once in a different church and now he is scared to get baptized again. Shockingly he told us this past week he went out of his way to talk to a member in the ward about his baptism. Querot said he has the desire to get baptized and it was such an amazing special moment! We will see what happens with him soon!

While Elder Bess and I were going to an appointment in Ambohitrinimanga we felt like we should go knock a couple doors. So we started walking down this random path that we picked and walked up to a random house. We were immediately let into the house and they were so excited to hear the message we had. It was such an amazing moment filled with the spirit. I can’t wait to go back over there later this week.

One very sad thing that happened this week was with one of our friends of the church named Fitiavana. Fitiavana I mentioned in my previous email and she is an amazing investigator with a strong desire to get baptized. She was actually the very first person I taught in Madagascar and it was the very first lesson she was taught too! I want to see her get baptized and finally complete this goal she has had for the past 3 months! Her baptismal interview was suppose to be this past Saturday. We set up everything for her baptismal interview, but then sadly we got news that her marriage papers didn’t end up going through and so she is technically still not married. So we had to push the baptism back 2 more weeks. It was so sad to hear, but I know she will be baptized soon and her desire will just keep on growing!

Malagasy word of the Week
Manampontsampona which means to prevent

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