January 19, 2020


Sabotsy Namehana, northern part of Antananarivo


Elder Maguet from Kentucky

The Last 3 Weeks

Salama Everyone!
Hope all of you had an amazing Holiday Season! This letter includes experiences from the past few weeks.
So going all the way back to Christmas Eve… My companion and I had a bunch of visits with members because most of our investigators were already out partying and having a good time haha. Don’t worry we taught them all about ny tenin’ny Fahendrena (Word of Wisdom) sy ny Lalan’ny Fahadiovam-pitondrantena (The Law of Chastity) before hand! After a fun Christmas Eve we had the amazing chance to go to the mission office for Christmas! We had a really fun Christmas Party with all the Antananarivo Elders! Afterwards, they gave us a fun size snickers and man, those things are way BOMB. I don’t remember them being that good! You can find snickers here, but they cost about as much as a Malagasy car haha. Anyways, after the Christmas Party, we headed back into Sabotsy Namehana so we could go to a big member meal! On our way to the member meal my companion and I ran around giving candy to little kids and trying to spread some Christmas cheer! When we arrived at the member’s house I realized what we were getting into. The members set up huge speakers and a bunch of microphones. We were gonna have to sing and dance before they would let us leave! First they sat us down and we all talked about the meaning of Christmas and the importance of our Lord and Savior. Everyone, I am so thankful for Jesus Christ and all he has done for us. He went through so much for US. He showed us how to love, how to treat others, how to look outside of ourselves, how to return back to our loving Heavenly Father. He was mocked, he was spit upon, he suffered FOR US because He loves us. I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are all forever in His debt. After a wonderful time hearing everyones’ testimonies we all ended up singing our hearts out haha. Gosh it was embarrassing, but so fun!
The rest of our week went mostly out the window because everyone needed to catch up on everything after the holidays.

Then, right after things started picking back up, New Years Eve came around. I thought Christmas was a Ghost town, but New Years Eve was much worse. We left in the morning to go visit some members that we have to take a van to get to their home, but when we went to the van station there wasnt a single bus there. It was completely empty and there wasn’t a soul there. Eventually we found a car and had to hang on to the side of it in order to get to our members house at a decent time. Then we found out that literally everyone we could teach went on a little Vaca haha. We started making our way back home when we were told that we had to be locked in our home by 6 so we were safe. So we hustled home to obey President’s orders. The next 4 days were exactly the same as New Year’s Eve. I guess the festivities last for days and days here. Everyone was out partying and having a good time while us missionaries had to be home by 6 haha. Feel like a little kid again.

This week wasn’t all that special. However transfers did happen. I have a new companion!!! I haven’t actually met him yet but I am excited to tomorrow night!

Malagasy word of the week!
Fitadiavana meaning in search of

dont be little gangsters man
Stay classy San Diego

Elder Kramer!


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