December 23, 2019


Sabotsy Namehana, northern part of Antananarivo


Elder Maguet from Kentucky

Elder Donut and Elder Hypocrite

Salama Everyone! (Dec 16th)
My week wasn’t all that crazy, but it was still a great week! We put a few people on bapdate which is great, but other than that not a whole lot happen. We did almost get attacked by a group of dogs this week haha. We were walking home from a dinner and to get home we walk through a super small alley way and it doesn’t have any lights. As we were walking we heard a bunch of dogs barking so we turned and like 5 dogs were running towards us and we had no where to go. We must’ve had an angel or something because as soon as they got within a few feet of us they all stopped and ran away haha. God was really looking out for us!

So for some reason everyone calls me Elder Mofomenakely which means Elder Donut haha. Idk why they call me this, but they all think it is so funny haha. All the Malagasies call me fat all the time too some even said I am just as fat as Santa Claus haha.

Elder “Mofomenakely”

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Salama Everyone! (Dec 23)
This week was pretty chillaxed with just a lot of teaching programs. One interesting program we had was with my “MADA parents”. Their names are Justin and Monica(Yes I know those are white people names, but they are still very dark people haha). In the middle of me attempting to teach the Plan of Salvation in Malagasy a bunch of little baby chickens run in and start jumping all over me haha. Soon I had a couple on my shoulder and in my hands and on the Book of Mormon That I was holding! The weird part is they didn’t even break a smile haha. “Mom and Dad” do feed us everytime we come over so I have nothing to complain about haha. And they also flippin butter the bread they give us!!

So we had a Ward Christmas Party and when you say party here in Madagascar they actually mean party! Like they all dance and sing and drink a lot of soda! They also made us dance and sing and do a lot of crazy stuff, but man it was so much fun! The party was also 5 hours haha and it did get cut a little short which is just crazy!

This past Saturday I went on an exchange with another trainee and it was interesting! We had to teach a bunch of lessons and neither of us are all that great at Malagasy so yeah haha. We actually got by pretty well and taught some good programs. One horrific thing that happened is when we knocked on a door and the people inside didn’t recognize me because it wasn’t my area. The people told us that they are already meeting with other missionaries later today which actually was suppose to be us haha. I tried telling them in my broken Malagasy that we are the missionaries and we were here to teach about the Book of Mormon. They still wouldn’t let us in haha but then I just decided to say Ummm, the other missionaries are sick and sent us haha and then they let us in! We taught a great lesson and then left haha. The moral of the story is that the Gift of Tongues is real and the church is true.

Malagasy Word of the Week
Mpihatsaravelatsy meaning hyprocrite

Have a great Christmas!
HO HO HO hehe

Elder Kramer


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