December 10, 2019

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All About MADA

Salama Everyone!!
So I have a little extra time this week and so I am gonna share a lot about Mada in this email. So first off the place I call home: I live in a big cement building with 3 other elders, with 1 room, a kitchen and a bathroom. Honestly, its not all the bad. We do have windows but they are caged in with huge metal bars. We have a big super thick metal door that can only be locked and bolted from the inside and there is a second door you know just in case. Around the house there is like a 10 foot cement wall and it is all spiked. Yes , I am safe haha.

The food here is actually way good but of course there is a lot that we missionaries have to be very careful with. We aren’t allowed to buy any raw meat off the street and a lot of you probably think duh but honestly some of it looks way good haha. Rice can be a problem because sometimes you find little rocks and they can crack your teeth so we have to nibble on it hahah. The fish here is so good but there are so many bones in it. If you accidentally swallow a bone it can slice open your stomach which is sounds fun hahah. Overall the food is way good tho. My favorite dish is Ravitoto. It is crushed leaves with oil and some other stuff and it served with rice.

A lot of you have probably been wondering about the bugs. The bugs are fun, to say the least. They are everywhere you can imagine. In fact, the other day, I put on my running shoes to work out and I felt something moving in the bottom of my shoe. I took it off and a huge cockroach like the size of a half dollar coin flops out onto the floor hahah. That little tird got me pretty good hahah.

So this past week I have been a little under the weather which hasn’t been all that fun, but I’m just grinding through it all. Last Tuesday when me and my companion were walking back to our home around 8ish (which in Mada is like super super late) all the streets were empty but we hear 2 kids behind us yell vahaza which means “white people” and then they run up to us. They asked us if we could walk them home because they were scared. I don’t know what 2 little kids were doing out that late and I have no clue why they ran up to the weird white guys haha. Anyways we did end up walking them all the way home and don’t worrry they are safe haha.

This week we got to go to the Lemur Park and man it was so so cool! They jump on you and it is just so crazy!

Malagasy Word of the Week
Mikaondrakaondra which means to do something not supposed to be done

Stay Classy San Diego

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