November 18, 2019


Sabotsy Namehana, northern part of Antananarivo


Elder Maguet from Kentucky

Swimming to an Appointment

Elder Kramer Weekly

Salama Everyone!
Hope Everyone had an amazing week!!!

The past week for me has been absolutely crazy! So last monday when I was walking on the side of the road I look down for a sec and, when I looked up, a car was zipping straight towards me. So I tried to move out of the way as quickly as I could so I didn’t get hit. Luckily, the main part of the car didn’t hit me but I did get hit pretty hard from the sideview mirror right in the chest. I was pretty sore for a few days.
Then later the same day I was swiped, we had a huge rainstorm and all the power in the entire city went out. The next day we walked into the main part of the city and the main powerline was hit by lightning and fell down. Since then we’ve rarely had power and we usually don’t have water. So showering is just grand haha. We just collect water from the rain, boil it, and then use a cup at a time to pour it on ourselves. That is our shower which honestly isn’t that bad haha. It’s called bucketshowering.

Last Wednesday we got caught in a huge rainstorm and it was a crazy experience. In Mada they don’t have any drains so all the streets get flooded. Walking around in the floods can get pretty rough. We had an appointment we needed to go to and we had to walk on a main road to get there. The main road was about 2 feet underwater so we are practically swimming to our appointment haha.

A crazy lady in our ward had us over for dinner last week. She kept on yelling at me for not talking, but that is because I can’t really speak Malagasy yet haha. At the end of the night she said she wouldn’t let us go until I said one good sentence in Malagasy. I said in Malagasy “sorry sister, show us the path to go.” Then she seemed happy, but still mad at the same time haha.

Malagasy Word of the Week
Fanjokoana which means bending over while walking, as an older person might

Have a wonderful week!!
Elder Kramer


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