November 12, 2019


Sabotsy Namehana, northern part of Antananarivo


Elder Maguet from Kentucky

Drums, Chants and a Baptism

Elder Kramer Weekly Email

Salama Everyone!!!
Busy week! So I don’t think that I ever mentioned that our Branch turned into a Ward the first day I got here. Everyone in the ward was freaking out when that happened it was so funny haha!

Sabotsy Namehana is wack right now because these huge political campaigns are going on. So these big trucks with huge speakers in the back are driving around town blasting music haha. I have no clue what any of the words are in the songs but they are all pretty bumping, Im not gonna lie.

So for half this week we didn’t really have power or running water so that was so much fun hahah. Have any of you ever heard of a bucket shower? Honestly they aren’t as bad as you would think. The really weird thing was eating with a candle in the middle of the table haha but you do what you gotta do to survive in Mada.

WE HAD A BAPTISM!!! One of our investigators finally got baptised and it was so amazing! His name is Gerald and me and him are pretty tight even though we can’t understand each other haha.
The baptismal service was Unlike anything I’ve seen before and promise, this is true. After all the baptismal talks we walked outside to the font. Outside people were pounding on drums and yelling chants and it was so loud, but I have to say that it was the coolest. Nobody could even hear the words before he was baptised, but they know what was going on hahah.
But, to be perfectly honest, the drums and the chanting weren’t actually part of the baptism it was happening right outside of the church so sorry to burst your bubble.

Malagasy Word of the Week
Manelingelina which means to bother

Stay chill
Elder Kramer


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