September 23, 2019


Loomis, California


Elders Ussery and Craig

Killing It With the Trio

Salama everyone!!
Hope all of you had an amazing week this week!!
Sadly one of my companions got transferred but we got a new comp and he's pretty cool. We are still in a trio and we are still killing it.
We put someone on date for baptism!! Her name is Nancy she is from China and she doesn't speak any English haha. And get this her husband doesn't speak any Chinese hahaha. Gets me every time. We have to have a translator come and help us talk to her and teach her. Nancy is awesome though. She reads the Book of Mormon and the Bible every single day and she loves it.

I actually really like knocking and doors. We meet a lit of different people from all over and they all tell cool stories, but make no mistake, they are all cowboy boot-wearing people haha. Occasionally we get some crazy person who yells at us and says some pretty funny things haha. One lady was attacking us and calling us a cult and all this stuff. We always just laugh about it afterward though.

I was told from a semi-reliable source that the reason many of us Mada missionaries didn't get our Visa was because the Visa office in Madagascar burned down hahah. Like what are the odds of that happening right when I'm supposed to be going there? Dang!
Don't hold me to that though, that's just what I was told.

Malagasy word of the Day
Fotompampianarana- Doctrine


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