September 16, 2019


Loomis, California


Elders Ritchins and Ussery

Roseville California Mission

Salama Brothers and Sisters
Hope all of you had an amazing week last week!

So as I told you guys last week I have a temp assignment in the Roseville California mission. I'm staying in Loomis right now and it's a small town filled with a lot of interesting people Haha.
My first experience here was super wack and it was actually at a Walmart. We were picking up some food and walking to the check out when this elderly lady approaches me and says I haven't always wanted a husband and doesn't say anything else for a while Haha. I froze I was so shocked and could not believe what was going on Haha. She then started to talk about different breeds of sheep so I was absolutely lost. Eventually she just walked away from us and I had a lot to think about.

We actually got a baptism this past Saturday. I literally shook her hand and a few days later she was baptized. I didn't know a handshake could be so powerful but I guess mine was a really good one haha

I am actually in a trio. Being a triplet is actually so fun and I love my companions. They have taught me so much and made it so much fun. One of my companions is from Olympus High School and he played lacrosse. He is such a cool kid. The other comp is from Florida and he played football in high school.

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Fahatokiana - Trust

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