August 24, 2019



Elder Hall

MTC Week 3

Salama, my fellow brothers and sisters.
Hope all of you have had an amazing spiritual week and I hope every single one of you is getting in your personal scripture study and praying every night.

This was another amazing week in the MTC, but with one bug bump in the road. I've been sick! I woke up Tuesday morning and have felt terrible since. The great thing is you can still feel the spirit while being sick-hahah. So, I still went to every class and every activity I could and I made sure to go to choir. I don't think any missionary was happy to hear me sing that day, but I was very happy to be there even though I sound like death-haha. Anyways, Elder Bednar was the devotional speaker this past Tuesday and
WOW. As soon as he walked in the spirit slaps you a thousand times and you are overwhelmed with joy. His talk was absolutely amazing I loved every second of it. The main topic of it was "Be a good boy or good girl and go". Kids say all the time "I don't know if it is the holy ghost or if it is just my thoughts." The thing is, if it's a good unselfish thought, it doesn't matter what you think it is- Just Do IT! Just do what you are prompted to do.

Gasy is one weird language and every word sounds exactly the same, but it is so much fun trying to speak it even though every sentence I say is completely wrong. It is crazy how in 3 weeks I will be as far from Utah as I can possibly be trying to speak a language that no one has ever heard of in a place that nobody knows where it is. But, the crazy thing is that I know I am suppose to be there and I already love the people so much. I can't wait to get there.

I challenge every single one of you to read the Bokini Mormona every night whether its a verse, chapter, or a couple chapters. It will bless your life and you will never regret reading it.

Love some of you more than others but love you all -hahah

Elder Joshua Todd Kramer


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