August 9, 2019



Elder Hall

MTC: Week 1

Sorry it took so long to send this out! The fam went on vacation and left the email list at home. I’m sending 2 posts today to catch up:)

Salama brothers and sisters!!!!
My time at the MTC has already been amazing and so life changing. I have never felt so much peace in any place before. Reading the Bokini Mormona has just been the greatest experience and just makes me so happy. It's so hard to put it down at night.

I have nine people in my district and we are all going to Mada together and we are pumped. Three of the nine are from Utah everyone else is scattered around the states except for one is from Canada. We started learning the language the second we got here and it is very hard, but I love it so much. As of right now I can introduce myself, pray, testify, and share a scripture -all in Malagasy.

My companion's name is Elder Hall. He was born in Houston Texas but he has lived in Saint George for the past 8 years. He has played rugby all of his life and loves it.

The food at the MTC is so bad for you it is crazy -Haha. I eat the least out of anyone in my district and they all make fun of me for eating salads.

I have so many friends in the MTC from Lone Peak and a bunch more just came in. My good friend, Elder Davis Child, is in my district and he lives right above me. I guess I needed a little extra boost so God sent him Haha. He brings a little piece of home with him.

Elder Josh Kramer


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