April 10, 2017


Haleyville, Alabama


Elder Peterson

New Comp - Elder Peterson!

Hey Mum,
Things in Haleyville are going well. Elder Peterson is good. He is really nice and obedient. He is super shy though, so I have been doing all of the teaching so far. He is from Ogden, Utah. He has been out for 7 months, he is 6'4. Yes we always drive down to Birmingham to get our new comps. The work is going well. A typical day we get up and do our thing and are out the door by 10:30. Then we go and see less actives, and visit with them and active members, we get referrals from them of non members to see and we will see them. Then we have our teaching pool that we will choose people from to go and see, and we pretty much do that all day long with breaks in the middle for lunch and dinner. Then our day ends at 9:30, and we go in for the night, but then we go and work out after that usually. We had a really great experience with one of our investigators this last week. He is the fiance to a girl who has been a member her whole life and we went over there, and she was asleep so we got to talk with just him. We showed him the new Easter video and he really loved it, and then I introduced the Book of Mormon and talked about the significance and importance of Eternal families, bore testimony, and then got out of there so that the Spirit that we know he was feeling could work on him. We are planning on going to see him again on Wednesday. We watched conference at our church building alone, haha. We email from the local library. I don't think I know any Tinkers, but I will check later. I'm glad that Luke is enjoying B-Ball so much. That Lego Ferris wheel sounds awesome, I would love to see a picture of it! Make sure to wish Grandma, and Grandpa Jensen a happy birthday for me, and tell them that I love them! I'm excited because tomorrow we get to go down to Birmingham and we get to go to the Temple! So that will be super fun!
I love you!
-Elder Buhrley


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