December 19, 2016


Florence, Alabama


Elder Areno

White Christmas

Hey mom,
My week has been going good. As of right now we have at least one of our recent converts going to the Temple on the 23rd for the first time to do baptisms! He is so excited. Yes I did get all of the packages that you sent so far. the 2 from you, the amazon one with the protein, and grandma and grandpas. For future reference make sure to put D-12 as the appt number on all mail. The tentative plan for Christmas is that we will be face-timing or skyping at a members house on Christmas at around 3pm. I'm not 100 percent sure which system we will be using so it is probably best to set up a skype and send me your address for that as well as your face time address. Right now we dont have food plans for Christmas eve or Christmas, but we will figure that out i'm sure. I wish I could have been there for the family Christmas party that would have been a lot of fun. Those swig cookies sound good right now haha we haven't had lunch yet today so im pretty hungry. It sound like you have been really busy. Im glad that Luke's birthday turned out good. I never got the chance to finish those letters last week so ill probably be finishing those up and mailing them today or tomorrow. Thanks for all of the pictures. I was wondering if I could amazon pantry some cleaning supplies for our apartment, because we need some and we're both super broke right now. I have been having to use my home card for everything :(. I love you!
-Elder Buhrley

Yes 3 Alabama time and ill let Elder Areno go first and so it will probably be between 4-6 Alabama time. We havent really done much yet today, just hanging out. Money is running short because we get 110 a month for all our expenses and thats not a whole lot... Yes I loved the packages! I have been munching on those pretzels in particular. They are great.


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