August 31, 2015


Huntsville, Alabama


Elder Wheatley

Answers to Mom's questions


I heard about that online photo security breach at Costco from Ellie, kind of crazy stuff. I hope they fix it soon because I love getting pictures from ya'll. I have a photo album with pictures in it that Ellie has sent me and that I have printed off from the stuff you have emailed me.

It makes me super mad about what happened to Sister Peterson. That's so dumb! I'm glad that she is getting some great support. Make sure and tell her that I will be praying for her!

Way jealous about Wicked, I never did get to see that. If I had a choice though, I would go see Phantom on Broadway. I'll have to do that one of these days, once I'm married, maybe for like and anniversary trip ;) Tell Zac that I'm proud of him for becoming a priest and that he better kiss a lot of girls now that he can ;). Grandma told me that she went to Chuckie Cheese for Sam, the chunks, birthday. I'm glad that you guys finally got a TV that will fit our cabinets. I'm proud of you for going so far with the boot camp. Remember exercise is 100% of it and diet is the other 100% <3. Dad told me that he went to the D'backs game. I'm glad that you were able to utilize Ellie for teaching primary, haha.

The funniest moment this week was probably when we were in our apartment for the night chilling in our G's like Elders do, haha, and there was a knock on the door. This was like 9:10 at night and we weren't sure what was going on. We kind of freaked out and we couldn't see who it was through the peep hole. So I grabbed my robe off of my chair and Elder Wheatley ran to the back room so he wouldn't be spotted and I answered the door... it was our zone leaders who were just stopping by to see how our day went. We just started dying laughing, haha! It was great!

One great spiritual moment that we had was on Sunday. We don't usually have the time on Sundays to tract for very long and find new investigators, but that morning we had prayed that we would be able to find one regardless of the small amount of time we had. So we went to church, which was great, and then after 3rd hour this lady walks up to us and introduces herself to us and tells us that she has been a roommate with an LDS girl in our ward for some time and that she wants to get baptized!!! That was a super cool experience.

My favorite person on the mission so far is our investigator Dre. He is such a humble guy and it has been amazing to see him prepare himself for baptism, which is going to be happening in the next 3 weeks!

The best meal that I have had so far has been this week actually. A member took us out to this restaurant called Rosie's Cantina and it was fantastic Mexican food!...Better than Arizona's, which was very surprising, haha.

My favorite thing that I have learned so far has been that it doesn't matter when the Lord answers our prayers. The fact is that if we have faith, He will always answer them even if it's not in the time or manner we expect.

Fall is coming!!! This week has been a lot cooler than the last, about 75 to 80 every day and the humidity seems to be going down a bit as well or maybe I'm just crazy... it could be either, haha.

We are teaching a number of people right now but the ones that are progressing well are Dre, Jaime, Dequan, and Muhammad. They are all solid guys who love Christ and are changing their lives to come closer to Him. Dre and Jaime will be getting baptized this month, and Dequan and Muhammad should follow shortly.

On average we ride about 20 miles a day. Unless it's Thursday then we "weekly plan" at the church and in that case we ride about 30 to 35 miles, haha.

Something really cool that I heard this week during Ward Council was "The purpose of administering is to minister". As members of this church we have the amazing opportunity to serve in callings that the Lord sees fit for us. In these callings we administer to those we are called to serve whether it be as a bishop to a ward, a teacher to the primary, or a home teacher to his assigned family. But our purpose is not only to teach, or check up on those we are assigned to. Our purpose as administrators of the Lord is to minister to all that we have the opportunity to in our callings. We are called to uplift, support, guide, teach, and testify to God's sons and daughters that he has given us the opportunity to serve. We are called to do what Christ would be doing if he was on the Earth right now... Serve.

I love you all!
Elder Buhrley


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