April 10, 2018


Clanton, Alabama


Elder Egbert

A Great Week! (Senior Couple, Service, Meetings, Locked out)

Hey y'all,
I don't have a ton of time to write this week so I'm just writing all of you together. We had to do some service this morning and then I ran another 13.1, and now were going fishing with one of our investigators.
This has been a good week. On Wednesday we got a senior couple!!!! They are Elder and Sister Turnbow. They are awesome!
Then on Thursday we had a meeting in Birmingham with Elder Klebengat of the 70 he was a really cool guy he talked to us from about 8 till 4 so it was a really long meeting but he was very blunt and straightforward and we learned a lot. After that we headed back home...but when we got there our front door it was locked and our keys were inside. We were locked out. Now this actually wasn't our fault... completely. We usually leave our door unlocked because it's the south and if someone really wants to steal our scriptures and bikes then they must need them more than we do, but the maintenance guys had come to check something and when they left they deadbolted our front door so we were locked out. Of course we tried to call them to see if they could come open it for us but no one would answer and they had already left for the day but we did by chance have our car key so we went ahead and finished out the night. We got to go to Mamaw Gray's she made us and amazing dinner with an awesome peanut butter banana pudding it was the first time I had that and it was amazing! Now all other banana pudding will never compare. When we got back home we tried everything we could do break in but to know avail so finally and thankfully we're able to sleep on the couch and recliner of Elder and Sister Turnbows apartment. We're very grateful that they were there because if they had not been there we would have had to sleep in our car and then in the morning we really would not have been happy with the maintenance guys. Other than that this week has been pretty normal, we have done lots of service and that has been a lot of fun. We have found a couple new people to teach and so we're hopeful about that. Everybody else here in Clanton is still doing well, no one died this week. We had a great Sunday and today's looking pretty good hopefully this next week should be great.

That's awesome that Mitch got his call to Tennessee!!!
Now I'll have a southern brother! Proud of you man!

I love y'all!
-Elder Buhrley


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