September 17, 2018




Elder Rudy Weinmuller

2nd Pday in Elgin Illinois

Hello all,

Heres a summary of whats going on here in Elgin, Illinois. It hasn't been the most fruitful of weeks, but we're continuing to look for the "feild... white and already to harvest."

September 10, 2018-

Such a relaxing day! We woke up, went to the gym, and did chest workouts, and then got our groceries. I'm gonna love Mondays for the next two years. We then got back home, had some Subway, and went to CVS to pick up my insulin. After getting that, we got Elder Weinmuller a haircut, and went to the Schaumburg chapel for some basketball. We emailed our families and had a dinner appointment at the Clark's and went home.

September 11, 2018-

Today was good. We woke up, me ACTUALLY on time this time, and worked out. My working out included the yoga that I learned in Mrs. Di Lello's yoga class last year in High School, ending with a mix of pushups, pullups, situps, and planking. We had interviews via Skype with President Bingham today, so we took about an hour at the Church building, taking turns interviewing. We HAD a lesson scheduled this morning at 10, but when we got there, she wasn't home. We went back to our residence, started our studies, and Elder Weinmuller expressed that he wanted to get Little Ceasars for lunch. So we got Little Ceasars for lunch. Elder Weinmuller ate an entire stuffed crust pepperoni pizza while I asked for a half order of a deep dish pizza. We came back home and finished our studies. And texted Brielle to confirm our lesson with her. She lives 30 minutes away, so we'd be wasting our limited miles for the month if we were to go to her and not actually teach her. She cancelled with us for some reason, and rescheduled for Saturday. With both of our appointments cancelled, my companion and I had a total of five and a half hours available for tracting. So we tracted for five and a half hours, resulting in us finding 3 PNIs (Potential New Investigators). We went home for the night, and utilized our remaining time by messaging potential investigators on Facebook.

September 12, 2018-

Today started out with me sleeping in again. I need to be better at that. We ate breakfast, did daily planning, personal study, and then headed to the Stake Center for District Council. Our district leader, Elder McCormick, informed us of the goals for the week and we practiced teaching the Plan of Salvation lesson. After that, we headed to the apartment to eat lunch and finish up our studies. After studies, we had a few lessons planned. We headed to them, but in time, all of our lessons fell through. Because of that, we went back to Anna's house (she was the one who flaked on us yesterday) and tried to get in with her. No dice there either. We then went back to Carolyn's house (she was one of the people we had planned to teach today, but wasn't home when our appointment was). Luckily, she was home at that point. She had concerns from talking to her pastor, who said that the Book of Mormon was 'the opposite of the Bible' and that we, as 'mormons', did not beleive in Jesus Christ. We were able to address her concerns and assure her that we believe in Christ and actually use the Book of Mormon to better understand the teachings of the Bible. We will be meeting with her again next Wednesday.

September 13, 2018-

We had nothing planned today, other than dinner at the Kukuckas, but today was a Thursday, which meant we had our weekly planning meeting, and that makes our studies go for a bit longer. We studied until about 3, tracted for a while, and then went to the dinner appointment. Honestly. Today I hit a bit of a wall of anxieties. Ill start doing better tomorrow, I hope.

September 14, 2018-

We keep getting shafted by people! This week has honestly been so hard to find people to teach! We went to service at F.I.S.H. Food Pantry for the first bit of the day, then had our "Fast Food Friday" at Wendys, and did our studies. No appointments or lessons, so we had to settle with knocking doors yet again. No luck. We've been keeping track of how many people we've talked to, and so far its been a total of 89. 89 people, and not a single lesson scheduled with them. Good grief.

September 15th, 2018-

No lessons planned, so we set out to find people. Nothing. The day was sadly unfruitful.

September 16th, 2018-

It's Sunday! We went to church (this week was Ward Conference). We heard from the Stake Presidency and it was a good day at the church. We couldnt teach anyone today, because we had promised Larry, an older guy who is going through cancer treatments and shoulder surgery, to help him move. We did share a bit about our beliefs with him and scheduled a follow-up appointment with him tomorrow. So he's one of our two new investigators for the week.

But yeah! Thats my week! Its been great out here, the weather is nice and warm... just hoping for less mosquitoes.

-Elder Bell

Oh yeah! Some of you were wondering my address. The only thing is that I cant receive mail, only packages. Its:
39 Surrey Dr. #3S
Elgin, Illinois


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