September 10, 2018




Elder Rudy Weinmuller

1st P-day in Elgin Illinois

Hello all,

Here's a layout of my past week with what's gone on so far.
-September 3, 2018-
I'm in the chicago! We got off the plane (after a total of an hour and a half of delays) and met President and Sister Bingham. We then proceeded with a tour of Chicago, where we also handed out copies of the Book of Mormon to people we met on the subway.
-September 4, 2018-
Today, we were assigned companions and areas. My companion is Elder Weinmuller, who is actually a Spanish-speaking missionary. Luckily has also speaks English, so I won't have to learn Spanish to teach. We are currently serving in an area called Elgin, where we are the missionaries for the Elgin 3rd Ward. I miss Elder Howe and Elder Jensen, and I'm not entirely sure how to connect with my new companion, but the Lord provides.
-September 5, 2018-
To start the day off right, I woke up on time. Then I fell asleep and dozed til 7:30. After Elder Weinmuller had the time to get up, exercise, and eat breakfast, I was rubbing my eyes and walking out of the bedroom. We planned for the day and went to District Meeting at the Stake Center, about 30 minutes away. Sister Grant, a sister from my MTC zone, is also in my district, and I'm happy that I get a little bit of familiarity with this area with this area because of that. After District Meeting, we went back home, ate lunch, then headed up to Brielle's house. We taught her about the similarities between the Bible and the BOM, and invited her to pray to know the truth of the Book of Mormon. We then went out tracting, and met Jem. Jem talked to us about how she has seen the hand of God in her life, and we're going to drop off by her house next Wednesday to give her a copy of the Book of Mormon and to teach her a bit about the restoration. The work is starting to get fun.
-September 6, 2018-
Woke up this morning again at 6:30, just to fall back asleep. But there was an improvement! I woke back up at 7:15 instead of 7:30. But regardless, we went and contacted people down at the river of Elgin today. We didn't have any success there. We then went to Brother Zedan's home and taught his son, Daniel (age 10) about the law of Chastity (somewhat awkward to try to explain to a ten year old) and the law of Tithing. The Zedans are a partmember family and the dad wants his children to be baptized. Because both of his kids are over the age of 8, we have to be involved with their road to baptism, teaching them the principles out of the Preach My Gospel. We then went to the Ryans' house for Dinner. Sister Ryan made some awesome pork chops for us, and we tried some "famous" Chicago rainbow ice cream. I took charge on their lesson and taught about how Christ can help us through our trials, and how we can use our trials as opportunities to grow closer to Him.
-September 7, 2018-
We tracted a lot today. Had no one to teach, so we did some "inspired tracting" where we pray and find 10 streets to go find at. No luck though.
-September 8, 2018-
We started the day today by going to our ward mission leader, Brother Kukucka's, house for breakfast. We talked about everyone we met with and talked to so far, and the people who are inactive in the ward. We then went back home and did our studies. We went to go try and reactivate an old investigator, Kevin, and we were able to greenlight him to talk to us more. We then got some errands done and went "inspired tracting" again. This time we met Ana. Ana is a cool person who is Catholic, but only because her family was when she was growing up. Elder Weinmuller was able to connect with her because his parents were also Catholic when they grew up, and then converted to the gospel later on. We got her interest and will be meeting with her again next week.
-September 9, 2018-
It's a Sunday. I woke up at the crack of 6:30, right on time, for the first time so far on my mission. We had Ward Council at 7:30, so I needed to be ready on time. We got to Ward Council and got to meet our Bishop, Bishop Abbott, and his councilors (I only remember one of their names, so I'll refer to them as just his councilors). We made it through Ward Council unscathed and went to sacrament meeting. Sadly, no one of the new investigators came to Church, but the Zedan kid, Daniel, and Tammy Kukucka showed up, so we did have SOME investigators there. After sacrament, Elder Weinmuller and I taught Gospel Principles for Tammy and a newly baptized brother, Clarence. We talked about the Word of Wisdom, and how God wants us to be healthy. After Church, we checked out the missionary meal calendar for the month, and so far, it looks like I'll be living off of members for now on. I'm not mad about that in the slightest. After our studies, we went to the Martinez's house for Dinner. It was a Dinner at 4:30, so a bit early, but we had some good food. After the Martinez's, we went tracting about 5 minutes from our house, and met Todd. Todd seemed interested about the BOM and we gave him a copy, and were gonna stop by sometime on Saturday to talk with him about it.

Yeah so that's my week! I hope all of you are doing great and I look forward to hearing from you!

-Elder Bell


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