August 12, 2014


Mexico City, Mexico


Elder Matson

Week 1 in the MTC!!!

Hola mi familia y mi amigos,

I am loving it here! This past week has been the hardest week of my life by far but has some pretty amazing moments. When we first arrived in Mexico man was I in for a culture shock. We got to the MTC and I was astonished at how beautiful it is here. Elder Long who I flew with out of Columbus is in my district and hes an awesome guys.

My companion is Elder Matson from San Diego California and is going to Utah Salt Lake City East with me. He is seriously the best and we have already gotten really close. Everyday our routine is is normally breakfast, study, lunch, study, teach an investigator, dinner, study, go to bed. Its so hard but so fun at the same time.

I have learned more spanish in these 6 days then i had in probably 6 months of high school. Our teacher is Hermano Silva from Mexico City and I already love the guy. He is so spiritual and is so caring about all of us. He is the best.

The food here is alright but it has made everyone sick besides me and Elder Matson. We have rice and beans for every meal but i'm starting to get used to it. (It definitely makes me so grateful i'm going stateside where i can get a nice juicy burger or some Chipotle haha)

There is also a virus going around that is sending missionaries to the hospital. We have a no hand shaking policy right now in the whole MTC. I have felt fine the whole time ive been here so hopefully I can stay that way.

We have taught this "Investigator" everyday (even though im pretty sure hes a teacher pretending to be an investigator) all in Spanish and its so hard! We prepare all day and try our best to remember as much Spanish as we can. But no matter how bad our Spanish is we always feel the spirit and that is something that has really helped me stay positive this week.

We had sacrament meeting on sunday and our district did the sacrament. It was awesome. I got so lucky and didn't have to give a a talk. The branch president gives topics each week and every missionary has to prepare a 5 minute talk and on Sunday he picks six people to give what they prepared. I was so glad i didn't have to go this week.`

We have played soccer in the outdoor caged arenas every single time we have had gym. I love it so much and have even impressed some Latinos.

Well I only have a little bit of time left but I want all of you to know I love and miss you guys so much. I already know with all my heart that serving a mission was the right choice and I can be a good representative of Jesus Christ and our the Baumbach Family


Elder Josh Baumbach


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