May 11, 2020


Colville Washington


Elder Larsen

Thailers Baptism!

Hey everyone! This week was super sweet. Nothing super interesting happened until Saturday. We started the day by splitting wood for our ward mission leader. We split about a cord for him, it was super sweet to get outside and get some exercise haha. After that we went and unloaded a ton of potatoes from a members truck. We had to unload them and then put them on a tarp so they wouldn't start sprouting and stuff it was a lot of work and super dirty. After all of that we had Thailer's baptism! The baptism went super well, he had to get dunked twice though because the person baptizing him forgot to say his last name. I'm super grateful I was able to be part of one last baptism before my time as a missionary ends. It was definitely a way to go out with a bang. After the baptism we went and had a fire with his family and his fiance's family. It was a super good time. (also sorry but we're awful and forgot to take pictures at his baptism so sorry again) I love this work and this opportunity to be a missionary at this time. Although my time is running short I'm so excited to see what this week brings and what the Lord has in store for me. Have a great week, talk to yalls later! 


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