March 23, 2020


Colville Washington


Elder Larsen

8 weeks and counting... :(

Hey everyone! This week was pretty awesome, we saw some cool miracles that I'll get to later. So we had MLC on Tuesday talking about how to be effective using technology. During lunch at the meeting our mission president pulled everyone that was in my MTC group aside and told us that our mission will be ending sooner than we thought. I will be returning home May 20th, so I only have one transfer left. I'm really sad that my service as a missionary service will be ending sooner than expected, but I'm super excited to have one more transfer to hit the grind. Now for some miracles. We found this guy named Joe on Wednesday and set up a return appointment for Saturday. We taught him the Plan of Salvation and he was super open to learning more. He recently became homeless so we set up a lesson for Sunday in a members home. The member that picked him up felt inspired to invite him to live with him as soon as he saw him. So now he is living in a super spiritual environment and we're super excited for that. During our Sunday lesson we invited him to be baptized on April 25th and he accepted! He is super excited to change his life and turn everything around. We also set a baptismal date for our friend James for May 18th. He's super excited to enter the waters of baptism and so are we! I'll definitely keep ya'll updated on their progress. On Saturday we had a member baptize his wife that lives in Seattle. He needed some help with dunking her under the water and so I got to help with that. It was a super cool experience to be part of that. I know that this is a crazy time in the world, but I also know that God lives and knows each one of us individually. He loves us and wants us to be safe spiritually and temporally. I hope you take time to reach out to God at this time and seek His love, I know he will answer you if you do. Have a great week!


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