February 3, 2020


Colville Washington


Elder Butler

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Hey everyone! This week was pretty legit. We found 4 new people to teach and they're all pretty sweet. One guy named Jason stopped us in the middle of our conversation and said everything we were saying is true. We're going back tonight to have a lesson with him so we're super excited about that. We went on exchanges with the assistants and I got to be with Elder Homer for the day. He served in Colville for a while last year so he knew a few people that we talked to and visited. We saw some awesome miracles and met some super sweet people. Funny story for the week. Yesterday we were driving to dinner and had a couple of extra minutes so Elder Butler pulled over and said he wanted to knock on a house. I said that's fine, but we're going to get antied. So we walked up to the house and knocked, after a short conversation about the guys lost dog he proceeded to tell us how we were false and how we don't even know what we believe in. After about 5 minutes we walked away and Elder Butler asked how I knew we'd get antied. I don't know how, but it was a pretty funny experience. Not much else happened this week, we went on a hike today so I actually have some pictures to send. I hope yall have a great week! 


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