September 30, 2019


Spokane Washington


Elder Sautter


Hey everyone! So fun fact, this is the first time that it has snowed in Spokane in September since 1926. So you know what that means, I was freezing my hinny off. It was so cold, but that definitely didn't stop the miracles that we were able to see. So it was snowing/raining for about 3 of 4 days straight, so not too many people were out and about. We were still able to find 6 new people to teach though which was awesome. We definitely saw some awesome miracles while we were out and about, but we also got some hardcore rejection. Somebody called Elder Sautter a tweaker yesterday and said he had bug eyes. We got chased off a few more times but that one was definitely the highlight of them haha. We got to go to dinner last night with our bishop and he had a ton of African families over. We had Cafe Rio and sang some African songs. It was super super fun. I've come to find that I really love the African culture. There are tons of them in Spokane so we get to be involved a good amount in their culture. As far as people we are teaching Tera is doing well. She is still super excited to be baptized. We're also teaching a guy named Casey. He is super awesome and really loves meeting with us and coming to church. We will hopefully put him on date for Baptism this week. The Lord is really blessing us with some amazing people to work with, it definitely helps to strengthen my testimony that I do know this church is true and that we are doing the Lords work here in Spokane! Love you all, I'll talk to ya soon! 


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