June 10, 2019


Kamiah Idaho


Elder Hilson


Hey everyone! I hope your week was as great as ours was! We found 3 new people to teach, which was a huge blessing because that's been a struggle lately. We even put one of them on date for Baptism on September 7th! We're super excited and can't wait to keep teaching her! Also, super cool miracle! We felt prompted to go visit a couple we are teaching. The husband was home, but the wife wasn't so we just talked to him for a while. Out of no where he asked us what the next step would be if he were to join the church. We then talked about the temple and being sealed together as a family for eternity. After some further conversation he told us that he has pretty much made up he mind and wants to join the church!!! He told us that his wife is also on the same page and that they have been talking about it a lot! What a blessing! We are meeting with them again this week and will be setting a baptismal date! I know that this church is true, and that Jesus Christ lives! This is His church and the Gathering of Israel is happening, NOW! I hope you all have a fantastic week! ❤️

1) My SpongeBob I drew and Elder Tadlers Smurf that looks like Pinocchio. 
2&3) Just some good views :) 


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