April 1, 2019


Kamiah Idaho


Elder Hilson

What a Week!

Hey everyone! This week was super awesome! We now have 4 people on date for Baptism. Hal is on date for April 20th, and the Jennings are on date for April 27th! It was super awesome to experience that. We also had transfers, Elder Hilsen is super fun and we are having a blast. Yesterday was super awesome. We were out and about visiting some potentials and weren't really having too much luck there. We decided to head back to the apartment to grab the car and saw a guy walking the same way as us on the other side of the street. So we crossed and started to catch up to him to talk. All of a sudden he sat down on the brick wall and it gave us the perfect opportunity. We had a wonderful discussion with him, and even taught the whole Restoration right there on the street! He loved it and said it made so much sense to him. He also accepted a baptismal invite and said there would be no reason why he wouldn't be if he came to know it was true. It was such a blessing to meet him, his name is Stacy! Then we noticed some people walking on the track across the street, so we went to see if we could talk to them. We met these two girls, Eboney and Delaney and had a great conversation with them too. They both mentioned wanting to be Baptized at some point, so it gave us the perfect opportunity to teach a out the priesthood and authority! They both accepted Book of Mormon's and agreed to read them! They also said they would be Baptized if they came to know it was true! It was so amazing to meet them and see the Lord guide us to where he wants us to be! I hope you all have a fantastic week, I'll talk to yalls later!

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