January 21, 2019


Libby/Troy Montana


Elder Tadler

We Found a Gold Mine!! (of people, not actual gold)

Hey everyone! I hope you had a fantastic week. This week was great for Elder Tadler and I. We went sledding in cardboard boxes and it was fun, until about the third run and the boxes broke. I also got the truck stuck... twice... on the way up a mountain. There's a reason they shouldn't let the Nevada boy drive in the snow. We had to shovel our tires out of the snow and it really sucked. Especially because the second time we slid into a little ditch 😅😅. But I guess that I can't really complain, it was better than going off the cliff on the other side of the road. On Wednesday we went tracting for a little bit. We found a trailer with a skull hanging on his fence post, we didn't feel so good about knocking on his door, so we didn't. We tracted into a baptist woman later and she was super fun. She said that she's also a missionary and told us some of her fun stories. Then she referred us to some other trailer parks in the area, and the next day we decided to go tract one of them. We had some awesome miracles happen! The third door we knocked on belonged to an awesome family. The husband, John, is actually a member of the church but hasn't been since his grandparents passed away. We got to know him and his family a little bit and then they asked us for some Book of Mormons. We left them with a few copies and then they invited us over for dinner this week! So we will be having dinner with them and sharing a message of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. We then knocked on a few more doors, none of them could really talk right then but two of them told us to come back another time and they would like to talk with us. The last door we knocked on belonged to a woman named Megan and her family. Megan goes to another church but was happy to discuss the Gospel of Jesus Christ with us. We shared with her a few points of the Restoration and gave her a Book of Mormon. We set up a return appointment for this Thursday and we're super excited to teach them! The next day we went to the temple in Spokane, and it was so awesome. I got to take a name of an ancestor I found a while ago which was an awesome experience. After we finished the temple we had interviews with our mission President which was awesome. Lastly, WE HAD 6 PEOPLE COME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY! That's super rare in our mission so the Lord really blessed us with that! Just one more thing, please keep Wylon and Dominic in your prayers! I love you all and I'll talk to you next week!

1)Elder Tadler and I at the Temple.
2) Me and Ellie the Dog. 
3) Some Cool Graffiti we found. 
4) A Cute Huskey Pup someone were teaching has. 
5) A plunger that I thought was kinda funny.
6) Me on a Big Crane 


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