January 14, 2019


Libby/Troy Montana


Elder Tadler

The Flying Dutch Man

Hello everyone! This week was pretty awesome. We had some good lessons with the people we're teaching and found a few more people to teach. Wylon and Dominic are both still on date to be baptized on February 9th, please keep them in your prayers! They are so awesome and really want to enter into the waters of baptism, and a little extra support from prayer would help them immensely:)  On Saturday Elder Tadler and I were in a meeting, and when it was over we got kinda childish and drew a faced on the chalk board (I'll send the picture). Church was really good on Sunday. We had a High Council man speak about prayer and it was really good. Elder Tadler and I also blessed the Sacrament which was a good experience. Today I got a hair cut... and that's where the title of my email comes in. We were walking out of the hair cut place when we saw a guy walking on the sidewalk. We said hello, and he replied in a Dutch accent, "Gentlemen! Aqua Man is appearing at the Dome Theater! Gentlemen! Get your Coke and popcorn, Aqua Man is appearing at the Dome Theater!" He then proceeded to point at the ground with his hands and stomp very rapidly. It was quite hilarious to say the least😂😂. The people of Libby sure are unique and I love them to death haha. Sorry for the shorter email but not much else happened this week. I love you all and I'll talk to you next week!


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