December 17, 2018


Libby/Troy Montana


Elder Tadler


Hello everyone! I hope your week was fantastic and filled with lots of opportunities to serve your community! This week was pretty great! We had lots of great miracles and awesome experiences happen. First off, we had to go to Bonners Ferry Tuesday night to stay the night for Zone Conference in Spokane on Wednesday. Well that night it decided to snow pretty hard and it was pitch black outside. We were going like 45 mph the whole time, but we made it without any fatalities! So that was great. The funny part is the snow has since then pretty much melted away haha. On Wednesday was Zone Conference and that was such a great experience. Elder Whiting, a member of the First Quorum of the 70, was there and spoke to us the whole time. It was such an awesome experience and I learned so much. Elder Shurtleff was there so I got to see him and meet his new greenie as well! It was really awesome to see him again! On Thursday Elder Tadler and I cut down a Christmas Tree for one of the widows in our ward. She didn't have a wood saw so we had to use a meat saw, that made things a little interesting. We did get it cut down though and we put it up outside for her. However it fell over like 5 minutes after we left 😭. So the next morning we went back over and put up an artificial one for her and decorated it. That was a lot of fun. On Friday we had exchanges, I was with Elder Young here in Troy and Libby. It was such a great experience and we saw many miracles. One in particular happened Friday night.When Elder Tadler and I were planning the day that morning I felt inspired to go tract near the Troy Branch building. As Elder Young and I were doing so we accidentally tracted into a members home, talk about awkward. Anyway he chatted with us for a few minutes and referred us to his neighbor that had just moved in a few months ago. When we knocked on the door a 15 year old named Ben answered. He was the only one home and told us another time would probably be better. Before he could start closing the door I said, "That's alright, what do you like to do Ben?" And we just hit it off. Elder Young and I had a great conversation with him! We got to know him really well and he really opened up to us. After a while of talking we were unsure how we were going to bring up the gospel, when suddenly Ben mentioned that he just started reading the Bible and was searching for some truth and guidance in his life! An immediate answer to a prayer in the heart. We asked him how he liked it and then asked if he'd ever heard of the Book of Mormon. He said he had but didn't know what it was. This was a great opportunity for us and we shared about the Book of Mormon and also Joseph Smith and the First Vision. We read the last two paragraphs of the Introduction to him, and left him to read Moroni 10. He said that he would and we promised him that the Spirit would testify to him of the truthfulness of what we told him, if he sincerely prayed and asked to know if it was true. The Lord truly answered my prayers that day and it was such a wonderful experience to share with Elder Young! This work has brought me so much joy and has helped me grow so much. I still have a long ways to go but I know that I'll get there eventually! I love you all and remember to invite as many people as you can to Sacrament Meeting this Sunday! 

1) Elder Shurtleff and I at Zone Conference 
2) The Tree we Cut down 😅😂


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