November 26, 2018


Libby/Troy Montana


Elder Tadler

Thanksgiving Week!

Hello everybody! I hope your Thanksgiving was as great as mine! And to all of my friends that are serving out of the US and didn't have a good ole American Thanksgiving, I'm sorry it's just the perks of serving in the States ;) This week was transfer week, Elder Shurtleff went off to Troy and Potlatch Idaho and Elder Tadler came up to the promised land of Troy and Libby Montana. It is weird to think that I am out of training now and it's a kind of stressful because I'm doing what we call "taking over the area" which basically means that since I've been here longer I have to help Elder Tadler get a grasp of the area and stuff. I'm very blessed tho because he served in Troy and Libby for 3 weeks before I got here so he knows the area a little bit already. We get along really well and have had lots of fun the past few days we've been together. On Thanksgiving day we went up the mountains to go exploring because Elder Tadler loves to explore. It was also the first time in my life that I've driven in the snow, so that was fun! We didn't die so that is always a plus. We had dinner at a member of our bishopric's house, and they stuffed us full. We got lots of awesome food so I can't really complain. Then we drove to Bonners Ferry to spend some time with our district and we hydroplaned twice on the way up, and also drove in fog that was almost impossible to see farther than 20 feet. We made it home alive tho so it's alright:) On Friday we put up our Christmas tree, and to be honest it's pretty sad but it's the best that we could do. The decorations are all homemade from pass along cards and cardboard (minus the green water bottle. We found that on the fridge.) On Saturday we had the opportunity to help someone we are teaching cut up his deer. I was pretty rusty at it but we got most of it cut up fine, that was a lot of fun. Being in a heavy population of rednecks definitely has its perks. We also found three new people to teach this week! One that was a super huge miracle took place on Friday night. We went street contacting and talking to potentials from 5-7 pm as usual. We didn't have a super specific route in mind, we just talked to everyone that we came into contact with. We turned down a street and saw a man walking towards us. It was raining and we knew he was probably in a hurry but we stopped and talked to him anyway, and the miracles took place! His name is Josh Nelson and has spent his whole life here in Libby. He has never had much of a religious background and has never even heard of the Book of Mormon. We got to know him a little bit and had an awesome conversation with him! We asked him what he would do if he knew there was a prophet here on the earth like Moses that was called of God to guide his people, and he gave the perfect answer, "I would probably follow him". We were so excited and testified that there was a prophet here on the earth and his name is Russel M. Nelson. We gave Josh a Book of Mormon and told him that the proof of the things which we talked about were contained in that book. He said that he would read it and that we could come by to talk to him about it next Saturday! It is so awesome to see the Lord work miracles without us even knowing it! I love this work and being a missionary! I love you all and I'll talk to you next week!
1) The mountain we explored 
2) Elder Shurtleff and I at Transfers 
3) The Tree we put up 
4) Elder Tadler and I in front if the Christmas Tree in Libby 
5) The Hellcat the a member of the Troy Branch bought. It's soooo nice! 


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