November 19, 2018


Libby/Troy Montana


Elder Shurtleff

Transfers and Interesting Sabbath

Hey everyone! This week was pretty good. Not too much happened. We had exchanges this week, I went to Bonners Ferry with Elder Belnap. We had a pretty awesome time and did lots of finding. We got about 5 or 6 doors closed in our face so that was fun. One lady also told us that we were mislead, we didn't need the Book of Mormon, and that we were wasting our potential as servants of God by being members of the church. We just bore our testimonies to her and set up a time to go back and talk to her again so that will be interesting. We went to the Bateman's (a member in Bonners) and taught them about being missionaries. They knew Sister Empey pretty well so that was awesome. On Saturday Elder Shurtleff and I worked in Troy for a while, where we encountered even more opposition. I saw a truck with a Nevada license plate on it so I wanted to go knock on his door. We did and introduced ourselves and he just said we were wasting his time and slammed the door. What a nice fella. Then we went to visit a guy that we had talked to a while ago and his wife came to talk to us. Well she is super anti and just shouted at us for like 5 minutes. She said that we were a cult and lots of other stuff. We just told her we didn't want to argue and left. Then on Sunday while we were in Gospel Essentials class a lady that was sitting in front of us had a seizure. It was pretty scary for us but apparently she has them all the time. We gave her a blessing and then she was able to calm down and go on with class. Then no sooner than she sat down, our mission leaders daughter came into the class and said that his wife was not making any sense. She had a stroke so we had to rush to his house to get her to the hospital. This week was a crazy and hectic one for sure. Transfer calls came this morning and I will be staying in Troy and Libby for another transfer. Elder Tadler will be my new companion and I am super excited. I love being a missionary and I love this gospel! God bless you all and have a wonderful week!
1) A photo shoot Elder Belnap and I had haha
2) A cool hidden waterfall we found 
3) Me at the Yaak River
4) The Yaak River. It's starting to freeze now which is awesome 


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