November 12, 2018


Libby/Troy Montana


Elder Shurtleff

The Incredibles 2 and Snow!

Hey everyone! I hope this week was as awesome for you as it was for me! We had lots of miracles happen this week and it was awesome. Tuesday was Zone Conference and we had some changes to our daily schedule. The biggest one is that Monday- Friday we will no longer be having meals at members homes and will be eating by ourselves from 4pm-5pm. Then we will go finding from 5-7, and visit less active and part member families from 8-9. It is a bit of a change for all of us, but since Elder Uchtdorf is the one that put it into action we all know it will benefit the missionary work here. We have already seen the miracles that come from it and we have found so many people to teach because of it! The church really wants the members to be more involved in missionary work, so that is something that I want to challenge all of you to do as well. Telling others about the gospel is truly a blessing and it brings so much happiness to those that we share it with along with ourselves as well. On Wednesday we had a lesson with Dominic Thom, a 10 year old we are teaching. He is now on date to be baptized on December 15 and we are super excited! He is progressing super well and we are excited to keep teaching him. On Friday it snowed which was pretty sweet! It wasn't too much but I was still freezing the whole time. It was mostly gone by Saturday, but it is supposed to be a pretty big snow storm this coming Saturday. We went to visit a less active sister on Saturday night that we felt we should go see. She answered the door holding a 9 month old baby with two young girls at her side. We got to visiting with them and one of the daughters really wants to come to church. She is 9 years and we are teaching them tonight! We hope to extend the invitation of baptism to her! Last night we went to visit a potential family to teach. They didn't answer so we went back to the car and prayed about what we should do. We both felt like we should go back and knock on their door again, so we did. About 30 seconds after we knocked Ray, the dad, came walking up with his son from across the street. We scared him on accident which was pretty funny and had a great conversation. We taught him about Eternal Families and set up a return appointment! We are super pumped to teach this family! I know what you're thinking, where does the Incredibles 2 come in? Well while we were out contacting people, their kids were in the living room watching it and it was sooooo hard to not watch it. I love that movie and have great memories from going to see it haha. I hope you all have a blessed week!
Elder Abbott
1&2) The Troy Branch Building while it was snowing 
3) A Cool Path We Walk Dogs Down
4) Ozzy The Dog 


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