October 29, 2018


Libby/Troy Montana


Elder Shurtleff


Hey everyone! This week was pretty great! We had a lot of miracles happen this week, but there were also some setbacks. First things first tho, we saw snow! Elder Shurtleff and I had a snowball fight and everything. It was pretty cool. We also found a hidden less active family. Their records were in Troy but none of the members knew about them. Their names are Richard and Yoko. Elder Shurtleff and I decided to go visit them, and we were just hoping for maybe a referral and hopefully teach a quick lesson. However, when Richard answered he quickly invited us in and we started talking to him and Yoko and got to know them a bit. They have been less active for many years due to a bad experience in another ward, but have nothing against the church and still love it. We didn't have much time because we had to go to a dinner appointment but we told them that we would come back and talk some more after dinner. We had dinner at the Weiss home and found that Brother Weiss knew Richard from the volunteer fire department (coincidence, I think not). We invited Brother Weiss to come with us to the discussion and he was glad to. When we returned to Richard and Yoko's we discussed some of their concerns and hesitations about coming back to church, and our conversation got directed to the Book of Mormon. We asked Yoko how she felt about the Book of Mormon. She then started to cry a lot and bore one of the most powerful testimonies I've ever heard about the Book of Mormon. Everyone had tears in their eyes (even Brother Weiss who is a very tough shelled person) and it was so cool. Elder Shurtleff and I then bore our testimonies about the church and the spirit was so so powerful. They know that they need to come back to church, but they were a little hesitant because they are scared to have another bad experience. We told them that the branch in Troy is one of the most loving and they would be accepted with open arms. We hope that they will continue to grow spiritually and return to activity in the church.  We had some setbacks with some families we are teaching as well and it is hard to get some people to keep commitments. The adversary is making his presence known and works super hard on the people we teach because he knows how prepared they are. We keep trying tho and we can definitely see the progress with everyone that we are teaching! I love you all and God bless! 

1) Elder Shurtleff and I at the Fire Tower 
2) The View from the Fire Tower 
3) The Sunset After it Rained
4) Me With Bigfoot After my Haircut Today
5) The Snow :) 


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