October 8, 2018


Libby/Troy Montana


Elder Shurtleff

2 Months!! And General Conference!

Hey everyone! This week was so awesome! Had a lot of miracles happen and the Lord is really blessing the Troy and Libby area. The best part of this week was definitely General Conference. The new changes that are taking place are so awesome and the talks were amazing! I hope that we all will take the challenge of teaching the gospel in our homes seriously. It's going to be awesome to see how the Lord will bless our homes as we follow his counsel. Also, I hope that all of us (including me) will be better about using the proper name of Christs church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It is important to the Lord that we do it, so it should be important to us as well. And of course, 12 new temples! I'm so excited for another one to be built in the St. George area! It's going to be such a blessing to everyone to have another temple there! I would invite everyone to reread and study all of the conference talks that were given this weekend. They were all so amazing and can really bless our lives in a great abundance. Elder Shurtleff and I also learned how to play the guitar a little bit this week. Brother Street taught us, he builds his own guitars from scratch and sells them. They are super awesome! Not much else happened this week except for we got a new person on date to be baptized. His name is Paul Johnson. We had our first lesson with him yesterday and Elder Shurtleff invited him to be baptized on November 24. It's super awesome to see the Lord hastening his work here. Transfers are also this week. Elder Shurtleff and I are staying in Troy and Libby so nothing is happening with us there. I love you all, have a blessed week!

1&2) Us playing the guitar
3) The community garden and cool clouds
4) An evil deer
5) A mirror Pic with our dirty mirror(don't worry it's clean now) 


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