September 17, 2018


Libby/Troy Montana


Elder Shurtleff

Week 6

Hey everyone! So this week was pretty great. We went to Kootenai Falls last Monday and it was super beautiful! We hiked around the falls and also went to the swinging bridge. Zone Conference was also this week in Hayden Lake. We had some really great trainings about what we can do better to become a better mission as a whole. On Friday and Saturday we went on exchanges. I stayed here in Libby with my District leader, Elder Javier. He doesn't have a licence so I got to drive for a day. It was so much fun, especially since we have a 2017 Toyota Tacoma. It was so refreshing to be behind the wheel and I didn't realize how much I missed driving until then (Speaking of driving Elder Shurtleff got pulled over last week and got a ticket! I just forgot to say that in last weeks email). {Hi this is Elder Shurtleff. I am innocent! The mission driver monitoring device AKA Tiwi lied to us about the speed limit and also our GPS! Innocent! P.S. Elder Abbott is awesome.} We've had some awesome lessons throughout the week and there are 5 people on date to be baptized. We hope by the end of the week that number will be 7! There are lots of miracles that take place here everyday and so many people that the Lord has prepared to hear the Gospel. So it's starting to get a little chilly here already, and I'm a real sissy when it comes to the cold. I've been wearing my sweater a lot, and also my coat. The temperature here supposably gets to like -20, soo if you'd like to pray for an extended summer or just send lots and lots of body warmers that would be awesome. Rumor has it there can be up to like 4 feet of snowfall in one night... so I'm actually terrified, I may get lost and Elder Shurtleff will be left wandering in this frozen wonderland until I thaw out again in the Spring. On that note I love you guys and I'll talk to you next week!!💗 
Elder Abbott

1) Us at Zone Conference
2) Me using my Moses/ Jedi master powers
3) Kootenai Falls
4) Me with my new tie and haircut(sorry for the dirty mirror lol) 
5) Elder Belnap and I looking and pointing at absolutely nothing
6) My district in the distance


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